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About the Department

Mathematics is the mother of scientific and engineering courses. Therefore special attention is paid for the development of basic mathematics skills required for technical curriculum. The teachers spot mathematical talents among the students and encourage them to take part in seminars, to develop problem solving skills and compete in various intercollegiate mathematical competitions.

List of Faculty

Name of the Staff
1S. RamakrishnanM.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D., PGDITProfessor & Head
2Dr. K. SankarasubramanianM.Sc., Ph.D.,Professor
3Dr. S.K. UmaMaheswaranM.Sc. ,M.Phil ,B.Ed ,PhD , LMISTE, LMIMAProfessor
4G. PandiyarajaM.SC,M.PHIL.,Assistant Professor
5Dr. k. ParvathamM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
6Dr. K. SubathraM.Sc,M.Phil.Ph.DAssistant Professor
7Ms. S. PadmaprieaM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor
8Ms. PA. ShanthiM.Sc. M.Phil., (Ph.D)Assistant Professor
9Ms. V. Krithika DeviM.Sc. M.Phil.Assistant Professor I
10Ms. G. Rajini RamM.Sc. M.Phil.Assistant Professor
11Mr. K.V. MuruganM.Sc. M.Phil.Assistant Professor II
12Mr. R. SubramanianM.Sc. M.Phil.Assistant Professor III
13Ms. S.,M.Phil., B.EdAssistant Professor III
14Ms. K. AnithaM.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor II
15Ms. G. NirmalaM.Sc., M.Phil, Assistant Professor II
16Ms. V. SumathiM.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor II
17Ms. R. SaraladevyMSc. M.Phil.,Assistant Professor II
18Ms. P. Meena DeviM.Sc.,M.phil., Assistant Professor
19Mr. M. MeiyanathanM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor II
20Ms. B. Cecil Luda ReenaM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor III
21Mr. P. AyyappanM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor III
22Mr. S. Hemanth KumarM.Sc., M.Phil.,Assistant Professor III
23B.ThenmozhiM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor II
24Kavitha,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor III
25J,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor III
26K.,M.Phil.,Assistant Professor III
27S. JeganM.Sc., M. Phil.Assistant Professor
28G. DeviM.Sc., M. Phil.Assistant Professor

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