About the Department

The Department of Physics plays a crucial role in supporting our undergraduate programs at our institution. With a strong focus on providing a high standard of understanding and learning, the department is equipped with modern experimental setups including Laser optics, Fiber optics, general physics, and thermal physics, aligning with the university curriculum. We prioritize ample space for our young student community to excel in their studies.

Recognized as a prestigious Research Centre by Anna University, Chennai, our department boasts 16 dedicated faculty members who hold research supervisor-ship from the same university. Currently, we have part-time research scholars pursuing Ph.D. programs under their guidance, leading to the publication of numerous research papers in esteemed international and national science journals.
In addition to research endeavors, our faculty members actively support undergraduate students in their projects, encouraging them to write articles for publication in research journals and present their work at national and international conferences.

Furthermore, Functional Materials Research Laboratory (FMRL) was established in June 2021 to promote innovation and to build up Functional Materials.

On the theoretical front, our curriculum is designed to encompass the latest advancements and developments in applied physics, Nanotechnology, Material Science, and their practical applications. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical exposure, we strive to prepare our students to meet the growing demand in these fields and make valuable contributions to the scientific community.